New 2017 HondaS2000

Hello all,

finally we have more news on a re-launch of one of the greatest sports caars ever build!
Here are some pictures of the new Honda S2000 expected to be launched in 2017.

honda-s200-news2915-0003honda s2000honda-s200-news2915-0001

The new S2000 will stay true to the original in that it will be front-engined and rear-wheel drive. What the engine is has not been revealed, but it could be a version of the upcoming 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine with VTEC.

That should give enough power, with a bit of a tweak, to speed ahead of both the Mazda and the Fiat. Naturally, there would be plans for a hotter Type R.

What do you think about the new model and the fact that Honda plans to make a HondaS2000 again?



New Cadillac Escalade

What do you all think of the new Escalade? i think it has the best design so far!
The outside still remains a Caddy however the inside finally looks a bit more classy compared to all previous models and maybe it comes close to it so-called rivals..





Subaru WRX Concept

Well what do you think of this latest Subaru WRX Concept? Again a great looking car from our Japanese friends!
Length of the car is 4.520 millimeter, he is 1.890 mm wide and height is 1.390 mm. The wheelbase is 2.760 millimeter and of course does it have the AWD system of Subaru.

No details yet available of the engine but we can assume a boxer engine with about 300 horsepower.




Maserati Grancabrio for Dutch Police

How about this for a showcar for the Dutch police? Don’t worry it’s just a one-off that will be displayed during the open house days of the dutch police!


Maserati teams up with Bowers & Wilkins

From 2013 Italian sports car manufacturer Maserati will fit all its cars with audio sound systems made by Bowers & Wilkins.

The long-term partnership will produce a new high-performance car sound system, created by Bowers & Wilkins in collaboration with Maserati, and available exclusively in Maserati cars from 2013.