City Trip to Valencia

Valencia…..another breath-taking city we’ve visited already some years ago. The weather, the scenery, the food, the drinks, what do you need more for a short break? The parc that runs through the city with it’s great buildings and opera house designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava is amazing.

And when your feet are hurting from walking through the city and you relax somewhere on a nice terrace don’t forget to orderĀ an Agua de Valencia, a superb cocktail made with Cava, orange juice, wodka, gin and sugar….cheers!!



City Trip to Prague

Prague, what a beautiful city! We had an amazing city trip in the summer when we went to visit this great city. The old city with it’s great buildings, the river bank with amazing views, this city has all a visitor could wish for. You can easily visit the city by foot, exploring great architecture, nice parks and fine restaurants.

One of the best things to do is to dine at Kampa Park at the river bank, especially in the evening the scenery is amazing!