Subaru WRX Concept

Well what do you think of this latest Subaru WRX Concept? Again a great looking car from our Japanese friends!
Length of the car is 4.520 millimeter, he is 1.890 mm wide and height is 1.390 mm. The wheelbase is 2.760 millimeter and of course does it have the AWD system of Subaru.

No details yet available of the engine but we can assume a boxer engine with about 300 horsepower.





Concept Peugeot Supercar

Well, this is finally a Peugeot that you really want to be seen in!!

Peugeot stole the spotlight at Paris 2012 with its Onyx supercar. The hybrid concept features a 3.7-liter twin-turbo diesel V8 with 600 horsepower and an 80hp electric engine with regenerative braking.The most striking feature of the concept is its raw copper side panels. The copper contrasts well with the lightweight acrylic and carbon fiber that makes up the rest of the supercar’s body.