Transportation market

For some years now the (european) transport market has difficult times. Because of the financial crisis and it’s consequences volumes go down, margins go down and most customers are looking more often on the market for cheaper rates.

It seems that almost everything can become more expensive except for road transport, why is that?
And why are respectable companies (multinationals) the front runner of trying to cut transport costs that go far below any reasonable and realistic level? In the end it’s quite easy, you have your kilometers from point a to b and your fuel consumption and drivers wages which make up for the most important part of the costs. Don’t forget to take into account the strict driving time drivers have and the heavy fines tht fo with it which is a big difference from 5-10 years ago. This means that drivers can drive less km’s during a week compared to some years ago. Costs go up, right?

There is the ongoing discussion that eastern european drivers have lower wages (read : are paid less) so costs are lower, but is this a sustainable and ethical solution?

Where is the corporate responsibility here? Only 2 parties profit from these practices the transport companies that employ them and the companies that contract these hauliers.
Some hope is with the European commission to stop the low wages of these drivers but this will take some time if it happens at all.

Act and live what you write in your corporate statement.