Gin Tonic Hype

Hello All,

I used to be a fan of Rum and must say that I was proud of my collection of premium quality Rums. Lately I have been drinking Gin Tonic’s and must say that I wonder why I have never tried it before. Mainly because there is this gin hype flying around I started drinking it together with my friends. At this time 2 gins in particular caught my attention ; Nolet’s Gin which is a dutch gin and Nordes which is a Galician gin. For me the nicest tonic around to combine remains the Fever Tree brand.

Nolet’s characteristics :
This gin has a soft, delicate, yet rich profile that begins with the rose-laden fragrance accented with fresh peach and the slightest hint of pine. On the palate, this gin follows suit with raspberry shining through ever so gently and an interesting, gentle mix of juniper, orris root, and licorice hanging out in the background. The dry finish is where the juniper becomes less transparent, leaving the experience with welcomed familiarity.

Nordes gin characteristics :
Ingredients : Destiled with of Albariño grape , 14 botanics , lemon verbena, laurel, eucaliptus, salicornia , lemon , juniper, cardamom, quinine, ginger, liquoriz , tea …
Distiled: 3 distil of every botanic independently and a last 4th distil of the final blend .

Vol : 40 %

High intensity , slight hints of white flowers with citrics from the lemon verbena, juniper, lemon and refreshing balsamics from eucaliptus, liquorice…delicate flowers and fruits that balances the delicate hints of juniper
In the mouth médium-light density, delicate aromas of juniper with fresh citrics, balsamics with some hints of flowers
Ideal for a Gin Tonic with Fever Tree.




Maserati Grancabrio for Dutch Police

How about this for a showcar for the Dutch police? Don’t worry it’s just a one-off that will be displayed during the open house days of the dutch police!


Cure for Greed

See below the amazing work of Dutch Artist Diddo Venema which displays the almost psychotic needs/desires of mankind today.

The “Cure for Greed” is an injection kit which has a 24 carat gold needle and a dosis of 5ml of dollar ink. The artist took USD 10,000 and threw it in a shredder to extract the ink and put it in the small bottle.

The symblolism is obviously that the real money addicts can enjoy money by spending it but also to inject it. Not really something you would try since the ink is quite poisonous.